Fodder wagon

Varmo Lift Double

Double-bale fodder wagon

Fodder wagon equipped with a bogey which distributes two bales of fodder at a time. The Double model enables simultaneous shredding, distribution and driving. Low power demand in addition to simple and durable hydraulic

functions. The Varmolift Double fodder wagon for two bales processes short, fine-shredded and even frozen fodder without blockages. Varmolift fodder wagons are also available in three-wheel drive models.

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Technical specs
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Technical specifications

Electric motor

5,5 kW*
Diesel motor 16 hp Lombardini
Lifting capacity  
- Bale Ø 1200mm 1000 kg
- Bale Ø 1500mm 900 kg

Delivery capacity

1000 kg / 5 min
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Weight 1450 kg
Lenght 3600 mm
- with blade raised 1960 mm
- blade lowered 1620 mm


*30 m cable as standard, up to 60 m of cable on a hydraulic reel (accessory).

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